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Each location of a Power Node in the Dead Space remake

The recently released Dead Space remake is a modern, updated version of the classic Dead Space (2008) title, with various gameplay and graphical upgrades that make the classic survival horror experience feel fresh while staying true to the vision and direction of the original game.

The remake puts players in the shoes of Isaac Clarke on the USG Ishimura, as his crew responds to a distress call coming from the ship. Upon arrival, they find that the ship is infested with mutated monsters with a sinister plot at play.

This tightly woven narrative-driven single-player campaign has a lot more for fans to do besides stomping on enemies, which includes upgrading weapons, armor, and equipment. Power Nodes are important items that can be used to upgrade Isaac’s equipment, and this guide will list out their locations in the game.

Note: Minor spoilers for the Dead Space remake are listed below. Keep in mind that this guide is a work-in-progress, and more Power Node locations will be added later on.

Power Nodes are scattered throughout all Chapters of the Dead Space remake

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Power Nodes are useful items that are generally found locked inside blue lockers on the Ishimura and can even be purchased for 10,000 credits each. These can be used to buy upgrades for your weapons, suits, and other equipment. The location of each Power Node is listed below, along with the Chapters that players can find them in:

1) Chapter 1

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  • The first Power Node is located inside the locker at the southeast corner of the tram repair room.
  • Reroute the power to enter the Cargo Hall Storage room to find the second Node.
  • Reroute the power to enter the Maintenance Bay Office and obtain the third Node.
  • The fourth Node can be found in the Flight Deck Supply room.

2) Chapter 2

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  • Reroute the power to enter the Diagnostic Technician room to get the first Node.
  • The Limb Stimulation Therapy room holds the second Node.
  • The third Node is found near the end of ER Hallway B.
  • The fourth and final Node in this Chapter can be obtained with Security Clearance Level 1 inside the Ishimura Clinic.

3) Chapter 3

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  • Use the fuel key card to enter the Fuel Management room and find the first Node.
  • The second Node is at the end of the Centrifuge Control hallway (north).
  • Inside a room beside the elevator in Fuel Storage is another Power Node.
  • Enter the Engine Room and into the room on your right to find the fourth Node.

4) Chapter 4

  • Defeat the Brute Necromorph in the Main Atrium to obtain a Power Node from its corpse.
  • Head to the second floor of the bridge and walk into the storage room to find the second Node.
  • Head to Mining Administration and then to the Admin Server Maintenance room to your right to find a third Power Node.
  • Defeat the Brute Necromorph in Electrical Systems to find the fourth and final Power Node in this Chapter.

5) Chapter 5

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  • Enter Dr. Warwick’s Office in Zero-G Therapy to find a Power Node.
  • Go down the hallway on your way to the Chemical Lab to find the second Power Node.
  • The third Node is found in ER Hallway A, inside the Emergency Equipment Storage.

This list will be updated as and when more Power Nodes are located in the Dead Space remake.


Dead Space (2023) was officially released on January 27, 2023 for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S to very positive reviews across the board.

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