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The founder of DOGE encourages the armies of SHIB and DOGE with this quote, "Lucky Shiba"

Billy Markus, known on social media as “Shibetoshi Nakamoto”, who created the iconic meme coin DOGE together with Jackson Palmer in 2013, took to his account on the X social media app to show the community something he had brought from his recent holiday trip to Japan.

“Lucky Shiba” for Dogecoin community – DOGE allegory?

VIDEO: ‘Lucky Shiba’ DOGE Founder Inspires Both DOGE and SHIB Armies With This ! Shiba Inu Coin News Today
Shiba Inu Coin News

Billy Markus said in his X post that he had bought a “Lucky Shiba” toy in a trinket store in the city of Kyoto. If one pushes it to knock it over, it rolls back into an upright position.

Markus then assumed that it could be “an allegory of some sort”, perhaps hinting at Dogecoin, since it was inspired by a Shiba Inu dog when Markus and Palmer made it, playing a joke on Bitcoin.

The 2.1 million army of Markus’s followers on X platform reacted immediately, showing their appreciation of this “unknockable” “Lucky Shiba” Japanese toy. X user @naiivememe suggested that this toy could make a good present for Elon Musk (a famous Dogecoin advocate).

Some fans of another Shiba-Inu-inspired coin, SHIB, also emerged in the comment thread below Markus’s post mentioning SHIB and the SHIB army.

Dogecoin founder X app
Image via X app

Whale moves 350 million DOGE to Robinhood

VIDEO: Doge The Meme Dog is Severely ill #shorts #memes

According to a recent post published by the blockchain tracking platform Whale Alert, a jaw-dropping lump of DOGE, carrying 350,000,000 meme coins, was transferred to a popular trading app Robinhood.

Whale Alert did not identify the sender, so the wallet is tagged as an “unknown” blockchain address.

This transfer may indicate a sale by a large cryptocurrency holder (they are known as whales within the crypto community) while the recent price action of Dogecoin has been bullish. Between Monday and Tuesday, the price of the original meme coin went up by more than 8.5%, reaching the $0.0691 price level.

A 6.02% price drop followed on Tuesday and today DOGE again made an attempt to print a significant rise, going up by 6.09%. At the time of this writing, the popular canine coin is trading at $0.0677 on the Binance exchange.

Several analysts over the past few days have published X posts to say that they are expecting Dogecoin to reach the much-expected goal of $1 per unit.

The current rise of DOGE can be attributed to the surge of the Bitcoin price on the hype of Bitcoin spot ETF soon to be likely approved. It was not only Dogecoin that went up but other popular memecoins – SHIB and PEPE – and basically the whole cryptocurrency market followed BTC.


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